Former CEO of Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd., Yves Bougon, has been appointed as Senior Advisor of MOBKOI JAPAN Co., Ltd. In addition, Philip Tabet, the representative of the Asian region, is resident in Tokyo

MOBKOI JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo Management Director Philip Tabet, hereinafter “MOBKOI”), the largest premium mobile advertising company affiliated with the world’s leading luxury brands, announces future steps in business strategy , Management reorganizes its Japanese branch to further accelerate commercial activities and services in Japan, Asia’s most important market.

Yves Bougon is appointed Senior Advisor to MOBKOI Asia. He has previously served as CEO of Condé Nast France and CEO of Hearst Women’s Pictorial Company from 2006 to 2018, supporting the company’s team and Philip Tabet with his expertise in the Japanese market and deep knowledge of the publishing industry. Become.

In doing so, MOBKOI APAC Managing Director Philip Tabet will move from Hong Kong to Tokyo to oversee the operations of the Japan branch and the operations of Asia as a whole.

Since 2018, Philip Tabet has established multiple markets in Asia for Mobkoi, opening branch offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul. Philip Tabet wants to accelerate its presence in Japan by leveraging MOBKOI’s global mobile advertising expertise and implementing personalized, customer-centric solutions.

Former Managing Director of MOBKOI Japan, Ikkei Arai will support Philip Tabet and Yves Bougon while taking a more active role in developing stronger partnerships with domestic publisher networks. With his abundant marketing expertise in Japan and ability to build long-term customer relationships, Ikkei Arai can be said to be the right person to support MOBKOI as a new solution director in the next growth period of our company.

An important element of MOBKOI’s business expansion in Japan and Asia is the Tokyo-based Brand Tech Creative Studio, which is run by Miki Kimura as the creative studio director. This will be the first studio outside of the London headquarters to extend the creative, bold and original experience on mobile with cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and e-commerce solutions for brands such as Dior, Burberry and ASICS. Work on.

Quentin Le Pape, CEO and co-founder of MOBKOI, said, “Japan has been a part of us ever since we came up with the name MOBKOI. We invented the art of polite advertising and are very pleased to expand our business with the support of Yves Bougon and Philip Tabet’s activities in Tokyo! ”

Philip Tabet said, “We want to create customer-centric solutions tailored to  Japan’s sophisticated market, MOBKOI’s international expertise and custom approach to media buying, and my over 15 years experience. ”

Yves Bougon commented: “I am delighted to be part of MOBKOI in Asia and looking forward to work with Philip Tabet and Ikkei Arai to provide innovative solutions to advertisers who are rapidly adopting digital-centric solutions.  I want to support the expanding online audience so that publishers can generate revenue. ”